Mercury in Taurus – Magician in the Hierophant’s Clothing

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Magician in the Hierophant's Clothing

Mercury moves into Taurus today and will stay there until May 7h.

Translated into Tarot, this transit would be like the Magician is wearing the Hierophant’s clothing. He’s replaced his light robes for heavy holy vestments.

Mercury in Taurus, or the Magician wearing the Hierophant’s clothing is a time when communication might take a turn towards the spiritual, and the rules of morality.

Tradition, faith, and religious world views are all open for discussion and some conflict might be expected between new ideas and old.

This is a period when it’s not good enough to just say one thing, then jump on over to the next. You might be asked to stop and focus.

Say for real what you believe. And don’t fall for, or become, a trickster guru.

Take this opportunity to review what you have faith in. Look at it from all sides and be willing to play with the ideas.

New life can be pumped into stale old structures, and solid traditions can offer grounding to inspiration.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 4/23/14

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Eight of Wands from Georgie's Tarot

8 of Wands

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
8 of Wands

Swift communication is at the forefront today.  Have you applied for something and been waiting to hear back?  Expecting some news to finally come down the wire?

Or maybe it will be a surprise. One way or another, the message is on its way and your wait is almost over.  You’ll know soon enough.

Now that your plans are in action, things will start moving quickly.  Communicate what you want and don’t be shy about it.

How else will people know what you’re thinking?  This is the time to get your ideas out there and your message heard.

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Moon in Aquarius – High Priestess in the Star’s Clothing

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High Priestess in Star's Clothing

The Moon moves into Aquarius today and stays there until Thursday.

Described in Tarot cards, this transit would be like the High Priestess is dressed as the Star. In other words, her robes are gone and she’s naked as the bird in the tree behind her.

The Moon in Aquarius, or High Priestess in the Star’s clothing, can sometimes be emotionally stressful. Hope may be in the air, but it’s a cautious hope.

Emotionally you feel like sharing, bubbling over with dreams for the future. But your mind keeps getting in the way, reminding you that dreams can sometimes be nightmares.

Try not to spend what could be a nice time double guessing yourself or listing off all the reasons things could go wrong. They might. But they probably won’t.

Be real, but not a wet blanket. Rather than smothering your dreams, direct them with intelligence.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 4/22/14

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Queen of Disks from Georgie's Tarot

Queen of Disks

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Queen of Disks

It looks like you may have set yourself up just right. You’ve created the space you’re in through determined effort and hard work.

Step by step you’ve manifested your own prosperity and this is a wonderful time to enjoy it. It hasn’t always be easy but the rewards are well worth it.

Be generous with your prosperity, and kind to those that haven’t quite done it yet. People might come to you for practical advice or help. Or maybe it will be you taking that step to approach a kindly soul who could help you.

Don’t hesitate either to help or to ask for help. We’re here for each other and create the most beautiful of worlds when we work together.

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The Burning Serpent Oracle – Rachel Pollack Demonstrates

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I posted about Robert Place and Rachel Pollack’s Burning Serpent Oracle before, but now there’s a video so I can’t help but post again.

The Burning Serpent Oracle is Place and Pollack’s take on the classic Lenormand deck, a deck not unlike Tarot, but with only 38 cards, and a very standardized (though still quite magical) method of reading.

In the video below, Rachel Pollack talks about the Lenormand deck and its history, as well as how to actually read with it, using The Burning Serpent Oracle to demonstrate.

If you’re interested in ordering a deck of your own, the Burning Serpent Indiegogo campaign is still on until Thursday. Visit the project page to learn more.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 4/21/14

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Six of Wands from Georgie's Tarot

6 of Wands

Monday, April 21, 2014
6 of Wands

I know we just had this card on Saturday, but when the 6 of Wands shows up twice in one week, I welcome it! …

Victory is finally at hand. You’ve won the game and everyone’s cheering. It wasn’t always easy so the win is that much sweeter.

Have a good time and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to master.

Your good fortune probably has a lot to do with staying true to your heart. Keep it up.

This isn’t an unexpected gift from the skies, it’s acknowledgement for doing something special. Good work.

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Sun in Taurus – Sun in the Hierophant’s Clothing

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Sun in Hierophant's clothes

Sun dressed as Hierophant

The Sun moves into Taurus today and will stay there until May 21st.

Looking at it through the eyes of the tarot, this transit is like the Sun is dressed as the Hierophant. The nude child is putting on some heavy robes and getting serious.

The Sun in Taurus, or the Sun dressed as the Hierophant, is a time where you can confidently express what you believe.

Making decisions isn’t a heavy burden, but rather a task to be tackled with determination, and even a certain joy.

Take pleasure in the human expression of the spirit, in the things we make, feel and hold up as sacred.

Having faith is very human. Use this time to actively connect to what you believe in, and share it as if it were a song, or a really good joke. Have fun with it.

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Moon in Capricorn – High Priestess in the Devil’s Clothing

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The High Priestess dressed as the Devil

The Moon moves into Capricorn today and will stay there until Tuesday.

If you were to describe this transit using the Tarot, you might say that the High Priestess is wearing the Devil’s clothing. The virginal goddess has gotten downright beastly.

The Moon in Capricorn, or High Priestess in the Devil’s clothing, is a period of potential internal conflict. The physical world might seem to draw you away from what you typically believe to be right.

You might feel driven or compelled by behaviours and attitudes that go against the grain of your morality. It could be liberating or disturbing, depending on your secrets.

Whatever’s going on though, don’t be too hard on yourself. Get obsessions out of your system, and learn what you can about yourself while you do so.

You should be ready to move on soon. There’s nothing wrong with a little focused physicality. Just don’t get stuck.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 4/20/2014

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Prince of Swords from Georgie's Tarot

Prince of Swords

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Prince of Swords

It’s a day of dynamic action.  You know what you want to do, you know what you need to do and you probably know how to do it.  Just go ahead and make it happen.  Your mind’s working overtime and at lightning speed.  Flow with this powerful energy and charge towards you goals.

You might find it difficult to focus on just one issue. Two or three different ideas or projects are dragging you every which way.  Don’t worry.   Do what you can and focus on what’s in front of you when it’s in front of you.  Reign your mind in. One thing at a time and it will all get done.

And as always – remember to play nice.

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Another Fool

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I know I just posted some yesterday, but here’s another Fool for you today.

This one’s in charge.


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