Georgie's Weather Forecast Spread

January 12th, 2011 § 0 comments

Given that the weather has been in the news so much lately, I thought it might be a perfect time to post Georgie’s Weather Forecast Spread.

Now don’t be fooled by the name.  Though it’s named for me, it was actually created by Deb Scott, a listener of Beyond Worlds and Psychic Friends Live.

She heard me describe the energies of the Major Arcana as being like weather fronts moving into our lives.  We can’t change them, but we can at least dress right for the conditions.

That got Deb thinking about some of the Majors Only decks she loves but rarely uses for lack of interesting spreads.  So she came up with this one.

Deb recommends that when using this spread, it’s best to keep your question rather open.  Just ask the cards for a weather update in a particular area of your life, or in general.

When you’re dealing with the Majors, it’s not always up to you.

So break out your favourite Majors Only deck, or pull the Majors out of a pack of 78, and try it now!

Georgie’s Weather Forecast Spread
1) What weather front has just moved out?
2) What are the existing conditions?
3) What front is moving in now?
4) What’s the next big one to expect?

Thanks Deb! Fabulous spread.

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