The Deck of the Avatar

July 10th, 2011 § 0 comments

The show may have closed in May, but at least this video lets us see a little of what we missed.

Artist and writer, William Stoneham, was part of the exhibit, Oracle: Visionary Art Expressing the Prophetic Voice at Oakopolis Gallery in Oakland, California.

The show featured visionary art and imaginative paintings and animation surrounding the theme of prophetic dreams and oracles.

Not only was Stoneham’s artwork displayed, but also his own oracle, The Deck of the Avatar was put into service. Stoneham himself gave readings during the show.

In the video, he talks about his deck and how it grew out of his paintings, and how his paintings grow out of his visions and dreams.

The story of card #9, the Ghost, is especially haunting.

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