Divining Adventure in Camden

July 14th, 2011 § 0 comments

Cards are fun, whether they’re Tarot or not. They’re even fun when they’re virtual and used as an event guide.

Like the ones on camdenplayers.co.uk where people in Camden, London can divine where to find good times in their neighbourhood this July.

Visitors to the site are welcomed by Mr. Eks, the master of serendipity and captain of the covert. By dealing the cards, he’ll find an adventure perfectly suited to each person who asks.


my first choices - flytrap, palm tree or cactus

Three choices are offered to start. It’s sort of like finding a signifcator for the reading. What you choose at this stage is meant to determine the choices to follow.

By the end of the reading, you end up with three possible events you might like to attend. I know I liked what Mr. Eks suggested for me. Too bad I’m not in Camden this month.

But it’s fun to play whether you’re there or not. And if you are there … try it out!!

The site was created by the design agency Coney. They based it around the historic culture and characters of Camden. I think it’s just great. Good work.

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