Reading Tortillas

September 27th, 2011 § 0 comments

There are a lot of Tarot readers out there, but very few tortilla readers. In fact, maybe only one.

Jorge Rojas is a Mexican-American artist and Tarot reader living in New York City.

He started reading tortillas as a joke with his wife at dinner parties, and eventually turned the party game into a performance piece.

It was only after he became the ‘Tortilla Oracle’ that he began learning about the history and mythology surrounding maize.

It turns out that he’s not the first to use a corn product for divination. Aztec and Mayan shamans did too, though they preferred kernels to tortillas.

Maize is a sacred food, steeped in ritual and mythology. And the Corn Mother, or Goddess, is often linked to fertility, protection, and rebirth.

Rojas has devised his own method of divining with tortillas. He sees the markings as a sort of synergy created by the combination of corn, water, fire, metal, air, and intent.

He reads the front and the back, and looks carefully at where the markings fall, whether they’re closer to the center or out near the circumference.

After the message is delivered, Rojas has the querent fully internalize it by eating the tortilla.

Yum. Could this be a new trend in psychic readings? Get me a margarita and I’m in.

And take a look at Rojas talking about his project Gente de Maiz, or Corn People, that he did in Houston last June.

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