Mercury in Scorpio – Magician in Death's Clothing

October 13th, 2011 § 0 comments

Mercury in Scorpio, the Magician in Death's clothing

Magician dressed as Death

Mercury moves into Scorpio today and will stay there until November 2nd.

From a Tarot perspective, this transit would be like the Magician is wearing Death’s clothing. He’s in black armour and riding a white stallion.

The Magician is all about inspirational new beginnings. He gets things started, and makes magic with his vision.

He communicates with clarity, enthusiasm, and genuine insight. He’s more about divine understanding than research and fact checking, but you can count on him to motivate a crowd like few can.

The Magician likes moving forward, and has little time for heavy emotion or nostalgic sentimentality. He’s looking for what’s new, and moves fast to keep up, or even lead the way.

Death, on the other hand, takes things more in stride, sometimes moving slowly if that’s what the situation requires.

Transformation can’t be rushed. It’s an organic process that moves with its own rhythm. Each stage is important, and impossible to miss.

Steady and stubborn, though rich with feeling, Death reminds us all to let go in order to be reborn.

The Magician likes the reborn part, and has little problem with letting go, but he’s less comfortable with the trudging, and the mucky emotions that Death seems to stir.

Mercury in Scorpio, or the Magician in Death’s clothing, is a good time to concentrate on cycles of change. Use them to inspire, rather than to bring you down, or rehash the past.

With all that’s changing, where do you want to focus next? This is a fabulous time to think that through, clear away any stagnant emotions, and start redirecting yourself towards the future.

It’s easier during this period to talk about what’s passed, even if it usually makes you sad. Reminiscences can be fertile soil for new ideas, and clarity of mind protects against letting things get too sappy.

Surrender with your mind wide open, and don’t be afraid to get deep. Transformative miracles most often start with the magic of the awareness.

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