Three Perspectives on Tarot

December 6th, 2011 § 0 comments

There are a lot of different perspectives on the Tarot, probably as many as there are people when you start getting specific.

Three of them are represented in the video below. It’s called Tarot: The Everlasting Debate, and was put together by Lisa Montanaro and Joe Martindale.

The clip features three different people all talking about Tarot. There’s Father LaMorte, a Catholic priest who comes to the topic from a religious viewpoint.

There’s Bernadette Ramirez, a psychic reader who owns a magic shop. She sees the cards as an intuitive tool, good for opening psychic communication.

And then there’s Tarot scholar, designer, and author Rachel Pollack, who approaches the cards as something to be studied in their own right.

They all have interesting things to say, I wish the interviews were longer.

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