Make It A Merry Holiday Spread

December 9th, 2011 § 0 comments

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Though the holidays can be a time of good will and good cheer and all that happy stuff, they can also be a time of stress.

From gift shopping to party attending, it’s fun, but exhausting. And the parties themselves aren’t always so easy to navigate.

We gather together with people we love, or at least share something in common with, and practice giving and receiving and generally making merry.

But sometimes despite our best intentions, the gathering of family and friends can set off more emotion than intended.

It’s not unusual for toasts over turkeys to quickly transform into brawls that bring the tree down.

So just in case you’re anticipating unintended fireworks at any of the celebrations you might be attending, I’ve come up with a spread to prepare for potential problem areas.

It’s called the Make It a Merry Holiday Spread, and is meant to be done before setting out to your next party or holiday event.

1. What person or situation are you concerned about encountering at the event? Or more directly, what worries you most about this party?

2. What’s at the heart of your issue with this person or situation?

3. What would be your usual response to it or them?

4. Is there a response you might try instead?

5. Where can you find a unifying bridge between you and the other person or the situation itself?

6. What advice does the ‘Holiday Spirit’ have to help make this the merriest event it can possibly be?

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