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January 14th, 2012 § 0 comments

Acting Gemz by Powell Lawrence

Acting Gemz by Powell Lawrence

This IndieGoGo project isn’t really about Tarot, but it does involve the production of a deck of cards meant to be used for empowerment, specifically, the empowerment of actors.

Acting Gemz is an instructional/oracular 33-card deck, designed by Powell Lawrence and illustrated by Devin E. Haqq.

It’s instructional in the sense that each card describes a technique actors can use to release their creative potential.

One card might advise on an attitude to take towards an audition. Another might be an exercise in keeping ‘secrets’. Yet another might say ‘don’t stop living just because you’re acting.’

The oracular part of course is that it’s meant to be used as most oracle or Tarot decks are used.

You randomly pull a card and expect synchronicity to provide you with the perfect message for your needs.

The idea sounds like fun. I wonder what actors think of it.

Lawrence is trying to raise money to print the deck and as with all IndieGoGo projects, he’s offering some perks to people who help make the project happen.

Take a look at his page to see what they are, and to see pictures of some of the cards.

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