Guillaume Néry, the King of Cups

June 8th, 2012 § 0 comments

In Tarot, emotions are typically represented by the suit of Cups and the element of water. At their best, they’re free, deep, flowing, open, and positively reflective of the world around them.

At their more challenging, emotions can be overpowering, oppressive, stagnant, and/or melodramatic.

King of Cups from the Smith Waite Tarot

In the Cup Court cards, there’s a definite progression from the innocent buoyancy of the young Page and Knight to the more controlled emotional maturity of the King and Queen of the suit.

As we move through the ranks it becomes more about finding ways to live fully within life’s flow than to try and get the world to flow around us.

The video below of French freediver Guillaume Néry got me thinking of the King of Cups and his ability to face the metaphoric deep waters head on without fear of becoming swamped or sucked under.

To float like he does, one has to be still, calm, and at true peace with one’s environment. Néry’s a master of his element, a real-life King of Cups.

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