A Virtual Postcard Arcana – the Suit of Cups

April 12th, 2014 § 0 comments

As some readers know, I’ve been putting together a Virtual Postcard Arcana made up of postcards from the website CardCow.com.

In January I posted a Major Arcana, in February, the Court Cards, in March, the Suit of Wands, and today it’s the Suit of Cups.

I wish I actually owned these postcards, but making the virtual deck is almost as fun.

Ace of Cups

Happy Days - Cherub in a Glass of Bubbly Postcard

2 of Cups

Lovers Drinking Wine Antique Postcard

3 of Cups

Two Fat Men Toasting Postcard

4 of Cups

Chicago Apparatus Company, Accuracy Plus Strength Old Postcard

5 of Cups

Here’s To Love

6 of Cups

7-Up 6-Bottle Carton Postcard

7 of Cups

Put In A Full Week Here Old Postcard

8 of Cups

A Camel Can Go 8 Days Without A Drink Antique Postcard

9 of Cups

Who Wants To Drink 37 Bottles To Be 100% Drunk ? Vintage Postcard

10 of Cups

Rainbow With The Pot Of Gold Antique Postcard

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