Tarot Nail Magic

June 16th, 2024 Comments Off on Tarot Nail Magic

I know I’ve talked about this topic in the past (and was soundly ridiculed by some), but I feel like talking about it again … ’cause, it’s my blog, and I can do what I want … no, really because I think it’s fun and maybe you want to try it too.

What’s this controversial topic you ask (well no one’s asking, and it’s not controversial, more just silly) … it’s Nail Painting by Tarot … or Magic Mani/Pedis. If you like Tarot, nail polish, and magic, this might be for you …

The basic idea is to paint your nails using colours from the Tarot.

It’s really simple … from a deck you like, choose a card whose energy you’d like to engage and/or embody. Take a look at the colours in the card and pick one that you think expresses the vibe you’re looking for most. Find nail polish in that colour or something close. Paint it on.

From a like-attrracts-like magical perspective, you’re bringing that energy to yourself. If you don’t believe in that sort of thing, you can just treat it as a reminder to try acting with that energy whenever you notice your nails.

If that process seems like too much trouble … just in your mind (no need for a deck) think of the traditional colour connected to the card whose energy you’re seeking and choose that one.

Or, if the traditional colour doesn’t speak to you, use the colour you associate with the spirit you’re looking for.

I know all this is kind of kookie, but I still like doing it. Lately, I’ve been wearing bright Sun Yellow on my fingers and an Empress Green on my toes … sunshine and creative growth … and pretty nails too.

For extra fun, choose different colours for each nail – make it like a little reading on your fingers and toes. Or how about using those little nail stickers … surely there are some that have tarot-ish symbols, ex. moons, stars, suns, wine glasses (for the suit of cups, of course), dice (wheel of fortune) … etc.

Try it out! Who doesn’t want to be both magic and gorgeous?

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