Fortune-Telling Cat Handbag

July 6th, 2024 Comments Off on Fortune-Telling Cat Handbag

If you happen to like fancy Italian handbags, fortune telling imagery, and cats, today’s post is for you.

A cat friend of mine (you may remember him from an earlier post, Cat Reading) was staying with me last week.

When his driver came by to pick him up, she brought with her the most marvellous fortune-telling cat handbag from Milan you’ve ever seen (though it’s likely to have originated in London … but either way).

Just look at these pictures …

Crystal balls and flowers, potions, and magic books, fortune-telling cats in turbans behind beaded doors …

And on the back of the bag it says “Never let fear decide your fate.”

Good advice, especially from a cat … I think.

In any case, this bag by Vendula London Is fantastic. Wish I had one.


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