About Georgianna

Georgianna began reading Tarot cards in 1994, inspired to learn after her own very first reading. In these 30 years, she has done thousands of readings, has appeared as co-host and guest on numerous podcasts, hosted a celebrity Tarot reading web series for Bell Media from 2013-2014, and was awarded Tarosphists of the Year in 2011 as part of the Beyond Worlds Tarot team. Georgianna speaks her intimate knowledge of Tarot as fluently as a second language, with a keen ability to identify, distill and communicate the different patterns and messages found in each unique reading.

In her non-Tarot life, Georgianna has spent many years working in the music and entertainment industry. She earned a Masters in Political Science from University of Toronto, and she spends most of her free time making bespoke dolls of iconic Canadian women and drawing her favourite animals.

Georgianna is available for personal one-on-one live readings through Zoom, as well as personal parties, pop-ups and corporate events in Toronto.  

You can find her on Instagram @TheTarotRoom and her website thetarotroom.com.

Tarot cards are a fabulous way to check in with yourself, and stretch your intuitive muscles by identifying patterns from your own life within the evocative images of the deck. Readings are meant to be a source of fun and comfort, like a chat with an old friend but in this case, the old friend is yourself as reflected in images on some colourful cards, with the help of Georgianna as your trusted guide.

The cards are willing to tackle any question, like some sort of analog AI system in 78 pictures. The Tarot prefers taking questions a little deeper – not so much asking yes or no, but rather why or why not. They work best for exploring questions, seeking advice from within yourself. 

The Tarot deck is just that – a deck of cards, 78 (or so) pictures on cardboard. As a psychic tool, the deck is excellent for identifying and describing patterns in your life, but readings with Georgianna are Tarot readings – not psychic readings. She is not communing with the angels (as far as she knows) and/or talking with family and friends who have passed. She is using the cards themselves, drawing on imagery, synchronicity and symbolism to tell a story and help shine some light on your big life questions and day-to-day curiosities.

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