Soul Card #12 – The Hanged Man

#12 The Hanged Man from Georgie's Tarot

#12 Hanged Man

#12 – The Hanged Man
If your tarot number adds up to 12, your personality is represented by the Hanged Man.

You’re a person who recognizes the importance of sacrifice and patience.  Patience is a virtue, allowing the time necessary to see all sides.  Sacrifice is a pre-requisite to enlightenment.

Sometimes there’s a higher purpose than our immediate selves, and you are particularly good at seeing it.  When you take your time and look at things from different perspectives, you’re able to discover your true path.

Watch carefully and you always know when the time is finally right to act.  The Hanged Man personality feels most comfortable when they manage to align their higher principles with their mental attitudes and physical behaviours.

The soul symbol for the Hanged Man personality is the Empress and it’s shadow is the Universe.

Famous Hangedmen:
Alfred Hitchcock, Barry Goldwater, Bing Crosby, Carmen Miranda, Charles Dickens, Clay Aiken, Frank Capra, Frida Kahlo, Groucho Marx, Jane Austen, Laila Ali, Oliver Hardy, Niels Bohr, Salvador Dali, Samuel Taylor Colerdige, Victor Hugo, Xavier Cugat

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