Choppy Waters and the 2 of Pentacles

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2 of Pentacles - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Have you ever considered the water in the background of the RWS 2 of Pentacles card?

In the card, the main character, a man with an odd shaped hat juggling two discs, stands on dry land in front a very choppy ocean.

For me, this particular two most often represents taking care of the details. It suggests that someone is in a positive transition of sorts, and just needs to move patiently from one task to the next.

The water in the background however, hints that though the tasks might be small in nature, and the transition relatively minor, whatever’s going on does have a strong emotional element to it.

Water represents the emotions, and choppy water represents equally choppy, or shifting emotions.

When the 2 of Pentacles comes up in a reading, I typically recommend sticking with the basics and just getting the job done, while acknowledging that there might be some strong feelings behind the changes at hand.

It’s important to remember that though the emotions might be strong, the person involved is more than strong enough to deal with them.

Like the boats riding the waves in the image, you might bob up and down a bit, but if you keep doing what you need to do, you’ll definitely stay afloat.

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