How To Be Confident

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This video, from the School of Life, reminds us that confidence isn’t about finding some plateau of perfection where we can sit forever, dignified and unmockable. Rather, it’s a willingness to leap into the unknown, even with the knowledge that we might end up landing on our butts.

Don’t fear being a Fool! Embrace the opportunity to try something new, even if we mess up. There’s no way of knowing what wonderful places our blunders might lead us.

Take a look at How to Be Confident … and have a happy April Fool’s!

Confidence and The Fool

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#0 The Fool - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

While watching this School of Life video called Confidence, I couldn’t help but think of Tarot’s Fool.

His attitude is one of supreme confidence, not because he knows it all, or has solutions for everything that might come up, but because he’s willing to try things out, willing to take that leap with the faith that he’ll be okay, whatever happens next.

The Fool doesn’t wait around to be sure that every last detail is in place before taking the next step. If he waits for perfection, he might never move. And though things might not work out exactly as planned, the Fool knows for sure that if he doesn’t get moving, there’s not much chance he’ll get any further than he already is.

So take a look at Confidence, then get out there and try making a Fool’s leap of your own. And if for some reason you take a spill, just do what the Fool would do … get up, dust yourself off, and have the confidence to try again.

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