Finding Happiness

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Looking for happiness? Don’t be fooled into thinking it can only be found in big, grand, or expensive endeavours.

In Tarot, the happiness card is associated with #9, the Hermit, suggesting quite clearly that true happiness comes from within.

Take a look at The School of Life video below called Why Small Pleasures Are a Big Deal. I think the Happy Hermit would approve …


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9 of Cups - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

A keyword for the 9 of Cups is ‘happiness’.

This card points to a sense of contentment with oneself and one’s surroundings. It’s an inner satisfaction with life and how you’re living it.

In the video below from the School of Life, they offer tips on how to find happiness, 9 tips to be exact, like the 9 chalices in the 9 of Cups card.

Take a look at The Secrets of Happiness – in 60 Seconds

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