The Hatch Cats and Strength

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Hatch Cats Hatch Show Print

Hatch Cats from Tennessee

I was recently the very happy recipient of a Hatch Show Print from Nashville, Tennessee.

As you can see, the delightful image features two cats sitting comfortably on a disk, held up on the back of a strong man.

In the bottom left corner is the word ‘Alive!’ with a sort of stylized lemniscate under it.

So many things about this picture have weirdly personal meaning for me, but I’m writing about it here because it reminds me so much of the Tarot card Strength.

#8 Strength from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot


As the woman in the card plays fearlessly with the lion, the strong man in the print almost effortlessly holds up the giant cats.

His strength comes from his deepest core and he uses it with mastery, not to mention a good dose of showmanship.

To live fully, or to be ‘Alive!’ is one of the messages in the Strength card, and the Hatch Cats are saying the same thing. And it’s a good thing to remember.

Maow and Huey are very smart felines. I’m glad to have them hanging on my Tarot Room wall.

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