The New York Lenormand Oracle Cards

January 15th, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

Robert Place, creator of many many fine Tarot decks, including The Alchemical Tarot and the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mysteries, has lately been putting his talents towards Lenormand decks.

Most recently, he and Rachel Pollack worked together on the absolutely stunning Burning Serpent Oracle. Now, he’s ready to print two more Lenormand decks, both based on a deck from 1884 called The Mystic Cards of Fortune.

Place has recreated the original deck in two versions, one using Lenormand images combined with regular playing card symbols, and a second combining the Lenormand images with Tarot symbols. Together he’s calling them The New York Lenormand Oracle Cards.

To learn more about them, and/or to order copies of these unique decks for yourself, visit Places’ Indiegogo project page. I’ve already ordered mine!

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