Tavern Cards

January 25th, 2013 § 0 comments § permalink

Until I came across this Tavern Cards Kickstarter project, I’d never heard of ‘tavern generators’ before.

After googling the phrase, I discovered that there are a lot of them out there (though not in card form), and that they’re used by people to come up with tavern-based storylines and characters, mostly for gaming.

Hannah Lipsky developed her Tavern Cards for just that purpose, though she mentions that they can also be used as a regular playing card deck.

When I saw them though, my first thought was that they would be great for divination. They’ve got colouful and descriptive imagery, key words, and four suits.

What more would you need for a good reading? They’re almost a Tarot deck, just without any Majors.

Visit Lipsky’s project page to learn more. You might even want to support the deck and get a copy for yourself.

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