Mars in Sagittarius – Tower Strikes Temperance

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Mars in Sagittarius - Tower Strikes Behind the Temperance Angel

Mars moves into Sagittarius today and will stay there until November 17th.

From a Tarot perspective, it would be like the Tower’s lightening strikes behind the Temperance Angel. His usually tranquil environment is shaking up around him.

The Tower really gets matters charged up. It’s powerful and energizing, loosening all blocks and obstructions in its way.

More often than not, it’s unexpected, a bolt from the sky that throws everything into chaos.

The Tower reminds us that solidity is just an illusion. Everything is always in flux, and no matter how many walls we build up, eventually they’re all going to come down.

Temperance, on the other hand, is about easy flow. He balances earth, air, and fire in perfect harmony and isn’t often caught off guard.

Steady, yet fluid, he’s able to control nature as if by magic. His wings connect him to the divine, while his feet lightly plant him in earth’s soil and water.

Temperance is about following the mean, not cascading one way or another. He’s about balance and movement even when standing still.

And though typically serene, Temperance is well able to manage the force of the Tower. He’s fluid, and willing to realign.

Mars in Sagittarius, or the Tower’s lightening striking behind the Temperance Angel, is a time of energized flexibility.

Though you might be surprised by some of the events swirling around you, you can find strength in the opportunity to let go of old ideas, situations, or relationships that might be hemming you in.

Take control, but be flexible. Attaching yourself too strongly to one particular concept or way of doing things isn’t necessary or even desirable right now.

Keeping yourself balanced as you take action towards change is more important. And for the time being at least, probably a lot easier and more productive.

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