Travel Tarot Spread

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I’m leaving for San Francisco today on my way to this weekend’s Bay Area Tarot Symposium, aka BATS. I can hardly wait to get there!

In preparation for any trip, I usually like to pull a few cards.

Sometimes I’ll just pull one card asking something like, ‘what advice do you have for me on my voyage?” or ‘how can I make the most of this trip?’

But sometimes I like to do a full spread, asking for a little more detail then just general advice.

Take a look at my Travel Tarot Spread below, and give it a try before your next trip.

Travel Tarot Spread

1. What should be a priority on this trip?

2. How can I best focus my attention there?

3. Is there a challenge I should be aware of?

4. What about a hidden gift I might look out for?

5. What can I learn while I’m away?

6. What can I teach?

7. How can I most enjoy myself and best make this a smooth, happy, and safe journey?

Bon Voyage!!

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