Dreams and Dreaming

October 26th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Tarot readings and dreams are a lot alike. Both get down into the unconscious, look around, and drag up some pictures for our conscious selves to look at.

Learning to read the cards takes some time and practice, but dreaming is something we all do quite naturally, typically five times a night.

Even with all that dreaming though, we usually don’t remember much. Apparently most of us forget 95% of all the dreams we have. But who knows, maybe that’s a good thing.

It isn’t at all clear why we dream, or what our bodies and/or psyches are actually doing with all that material.

We could be processing the experiences of our daily life, rehearsing potential scenarios, acting out fantasies, or maybe something more mysterious is going on, at least some of the time.

For a quick summary of what science is saying about dreams and dreaming, take a look at the video below by vsauce.

In it he mentions another video about how to lucid dream by Howcast. I’ve posted that one below as well, and will be trying out some of the techniques myself.

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