Mercury in Aries – Magician in the Emperor’s Clothing

Mercury in Aries, Magician dressed in the Emperor's clothing

Magician As Emperor

Looking at this transit from a Tarot perspective, it would be like the Magician is wearing the Emperor’s clothes. He’s sitting down and armoured up.

The Magician is a man to get things started. With clear focus he can manifest the world out of nothing.

He’s quick thinking, fast moving, and a lightening rod for inspiration.

Communication is one of the Magician’s specialties. He’s silver tongued and unconventional. He can convince you of anything, and usually it’s true.

The Emperor, on the other hand, isn’t so concerned with verbal persuasion. He’s more apt to use brute force to convince you, though he’d rather you just agree.

He’s a natural leader, strong, straightforward, and sure. He knows what he wants, and accepts nothing less.

The Emperor’s a man of action, determination, and passion. He doesn’t just get things started, he makes them happen.

The Magician feels a little constrained in this position, but he enjoys the Emperor’s authority and is happy to take the throne for a while.

Mercury in Aries, or the Magician in the Emperor’s clothing is a time when speaking your mind might be easier than usual, as long as you don’t force your will onto others while you’re doing it.

It a great opportunity to start solidifying ideas and taking plans to the next step. There’s an energy here that encourages action. And your persuasive powers will be on fire.

With a sharp mind, focused will, and the conviction of your ideals, it might be hard to keep you down.

But don’t go getting bossy, or twisting the facts to suit your purpose. Straight-shooting focus on your own projects and behaviours is the quickest way to build a solid domain.

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