Venus in Gemini – Empress in the Clothes of the Lovers’ Angel

The Empress in the Lovers' Angel's Clothing - Venus in Gemini

Empress as the Lovers’ Angel

From a Tarot perspective, this transit is like the Empress is wearing the clothes of the Lovers’ Angel. She’s switched out her robes and grabbed some wings.

The Empress is the great mother of the deck. She’s devoted, nurturing and capable. Helping her children to flourish is her primary goal.

She’s Mother Earth, the source of all bounty. She celebrates the sensual, and creates beauty in everything she touches.

The Empress is fertility, fluidity, and passion. She’s a goddess of love.

The Lovers, of course, are also concerned with concepts of love. But they’re in love with each other and the thoughts they project back and forth like a mirror.

They want to express everything as openly and honestly as possible, hoping to find some sort of unity in all the contradictions life presents.

The Lovers want to commit to each other, and to the idea that two can indeed become one.

The Empress is thrilled to officiate at the Lovers’ union, but she’d rather be down on the ground giving the newlyweds a hug than floating above like a magical apparition.

And maybe she wouldn’t have chosen gray robes, but she has the knack for making all colours beautiful, gray being no exception.

Venus in Gemini, or the Empress in the clothes of the Lovers’ Angel, is a fantastic time to commit to someone or something you love, or care about greatly. The blessings of Mother Earth are on side.

Assuming of course, you’ve explored all aspects of the issue, be they romantic, familial, professional or academic.

The Lover’s might be in love, but they’re no fools. They insist on looking carefully before they leap.

And during this time, we’re all encouraged to do so as well.

Explore everything that makes up the sensual world. Take part in life. Revel in it even. Then give some serious thought to all that you’ve experienced.

Learning more about the magic of the world won’t break its spell. It’s beauty will only become more awesome through educated eyes.

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