How To Cope With Winter

December 14th, 2010 § 0 comments

Last year, as winter started to really kick in, I pulled some cards asking ‘How To Stay Bright When It’s Dark by 4:30’.

Today it was 14 degrees F (felt like -3) and dark by just after 4:00. When I turned on the news I saw ‘severe weather’ across the continent. And North America isn’t alone; Europe is getting blasted too. Snow and cold everywhere!

It’s time to check in with the cards again. What can I do to cope with this winter?

Page of Swords

Page of Swords

I first asked, ‘how bad is it really going to be?’, at least in my general area. I got the Page of Swords. It’s a pretty cold card to me. Those clouds feel like snow squalls, and the birds are flying high, like they do when the wind really gets blowing below.

At least the card is kind of bright. The sun’s not visible, but it’s no Hermit or 5 of Pentacles. Looks like the weather in Toronto will be cold, blowing and fairly snowy through January, but maybe not as bad as it could be. No doubt though, I’ll be needing my heavy coat.

4 of Wands

4 of Wands

My next question was ‘what attitude will serve me best to get through this cold.’ I got the 4 of Wands. Is it mocking me with its sunshine and bare-armed celebrants?

Unless there’s a serious warm front on the way, I think this card is telling me to have fun. Enjoy friends and family through the holidays and be creative. Use that wand energy to make something I care about real. Find something to celebrate and let the cold be damned. The fire is inside.

Finally I asked, ‘what would be a good way to spend my time while the winds howl outside?’ The World card, #21 showed up. A naked woman dancing in a wreath?

#21 - The World

#21 The World

I think she’s inside looking out, as if through a window decorated for Christmas. The clouds outside look cold and snowy, not unlike the ones with the Page of Swords. But she seems comfy, no clouds inside. In fact, it’s warm enough to wear only a scarf.

I’m struck again by the call to celebration. And like the 4 of Wands, there’s a theme of completion. I’m being asked to get busy, finish up a long project. Something that can be worked on from inside the house. I have a lot of things on the go so this certainly makes sense.

But there’s a bigger feeling of ending here, an ending with joy. Like New Year’s Eve perhaps? Closing up 2010 and getting ready for a brand new decade.

Winter is here and it’s cold outside, but I know what I need to do. Dress warm, get some of my projects wrapped up, and enjoy myself as much as possible. It’s not going to be so bad. I might even have a very good time.

Happy Winter everyone!!

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