Modern Art Postcard Tarot

January 5th, 2011 § 0 comments

For Christmas I got a set of fifty postcards from the Museum of Modern Art. The collection is called Modern Colors, and as might be expected, each card depicts one of fifty modern art masterpieces.

While flipping through the cards, it occurred to me that some would make excellent Tarot cards. Then I wondered if I could come up with 22 Majors from the 50 card set. Amazingly enough, it was pretty easy.

This Modern Art Postcard Tarot was just waiting to be found! I’ve already used it a few times and love it.

For copyright reasons, I can’t post all the pictures, but I’ve linked up to most of them and have posted some that are in the public domain.

Kazmir Marevich's Suprematist Composition: White on White

The Fool

#0 – The Fool – Kazmir Malevich – Suprematist Composition: White on White
#1 – The Magician – Mark Rothko 5 (Number 22)
#2 The High Priestess – Mark Rothko – Number 10
#3 The Empress – Georgia O’KeeffeAbstraction Blue
#4 The Emperor – Josef AlbersHomage to the Square: Broad Call

Theovan Doesburg's Simultaneous Counter Composition 1929-30

The Hierophant

#5 The Hierophant – Theo van Doesburg – Simultaneous Counter-Composition
#6 The Lovers – Frank StellaDouble Gray Scramble
#7 The Chariot – Franz MarcBlue Horse with Rainbow
#8 Justice – Frank Stella – Abra Variation I

Atelier Rouge by Henri Matisse

The Hermit

#9 The Hermit – Henri Matisse – The Red Studio
The Red Studio
#10 Wheel of Fortune – Joan MiroThe Hunter (Catalan Landscape)
#11 Strength – Robert RymanUntitled (Orange Painting)

Colored Fire: Blue/Rose by Yves Klein


#12 The Hanged Man – Joan Miro – Hirondelle/Amour
#13 Death – Yves Klein – Colored Fire: Blue/Rose
#14 Temperance – Ellsworth KellySpectrum, IV
#15 The Devil – Philip Gustan – Red Painting
#16 The Tower – Vasily KandinskyPicture with an Archer

Yellow Circle by László Moholy-Nagy

The Sun

#17 The Star – Alexander CalderThe Red Sun
#18 The Moon – Meret OppenheimRed Head, Blue Body
#19 The Sun – Laszlo Moholy-Nagy – Yellow Circle

Simultaneous Contrasts Sun and Moon by Robert Delaunay 1912-13

The World

#20 Judgment – Liubov Sergeievna PopovaPainterly Architectonic
#21 The World – Robert Delaunay – Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon

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