Psychic Helps Locate Soldier's Disk

July 31st, 2011 § 0 comments

A Swiss clairvoyant made the news last week when she helped locate a Swiss Army officer’s lost USB storage device.

It was a USB flash drive type thing being used to store transmission codes. He lost it while on exercises at military barracks in Columbier.

According to The Local, after searches turned up nothing, a colleague suggested that the officer contact a clairvoyant for help. Apparently he did, and she told him he’d lost the device while he was urinating.

And that’s just where they found it, in a bush by where the officer had relieved himself. A psychic hit!

The story sounds made up. A peeing soldier, lost secret codes and an unnamed seer… unlikely. But who knows, it could be true. And if it’s not, I like it anyway.

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