Don't Look Too Far Ahead

December 10th, 2011 § 0 comments

Being psychic doesn’t really let you pick winning lottery numbers or see into your future in any reliable detail, and that’s probably a good thing.

Sure I’d like to win the lottery, but if psychics (or Tarot readers) really could pick the numbers, it wouldn’t be fair to those with less developed third eyes.

Soon people would catch on to the psychic winning streaks and next thing you know there’d be a clause on all the tickets barring psychics from playing.

Who wants that?

But seeing into the future too far ahead has even more serious hazards, as demonstrated by the two young psychics in the video below.

Psychic Roommates stars Deen Tarrant-rajj and Alex Patterson. They play two young men with extraordinary future sight.

Rather than being a positive gift, however, it seems to only complicate matters.

Not only do they get way ahead of themselves over who’s drinking whose milk, they see so far into a potential love affair that one of them doesn’t even bother going to the movies with a beautiful girl.

The whole thing is silly, but I laughed.

And it makes a good point. If you’re too busy living in the future, real or potential, you’ll miss all the fun to be had in the present.

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