A Fool's Spread

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0, the Fool from Georgie's Tarot

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and in honour of positive foolishness everywhere, I’ve put together a Tarot spread aimed at releasing your own inner Fool.

Try it out …

A Fool’s Spread

1. Why do I need to play and to be a Fool sometimes?

2. What hinders my sense of play and shuts down my Fool?

3. What helps support my Fool and helps me to play?

4. Where can I find more fun and positive foolishness in my life?

5. Right now – how can I most positively act the Fool?

Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone!! Be free, adventurous, and have some fun!!

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Tarot Card of the Day – 3/31/12

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#6 The Lovers from Georgie's Tarot

#6 The Lovers

Saturday, March 31, 2012
#6 – The Lovers

Are there choices to be made?  Decisions you’ve put off for another time?  Well this is the time.  The Lovers card asks us to finally make up our minds – either commit or get out now.

On a personal level, the Lovers reminds us to balance the opposites within ourselves.  Are your ying and yang in sync?  Does your conscious experience compliment your unconscious dream state or do they seem at war?  Are you living a life that satisfies your soul?

Heavy questions, but this is a great day to think about them.  In fact, you might find it difficult not to.

This is a serious commitment you’re thinking about.  To help you make up your mind, ask yourself which direction brings you closer to your soul’s call. You probably already know the answer.

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Baby Lions and the Strength Card

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#8 Strength from the Smith Waite Tarot

The Strength card in the Smith Waite Tarot pictures a young maiden playing with a lion.

It often represents ideas like conquering our ego, accessing our instinctual power, and/or directing fiery energy with kindness and innocence.

Any time I see lions interacting with humans I think of the Strength card, and with the video below it was no different.

In it, a young man says good bye to four lion cubs he’d been working with. They crawl over him, hugging him around the neck, and cooing in a way only baby lions can.

If I look at the scene through Tarot eyes, it might describe a man saying good bye to his childish ego and about to embark on being a king.

Looking at it through regular Georgie eyes, it’s straight ahead the most adorable thing I’ve posted since the Space Cats.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 3/30/12

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Eight of Wands from Georgie's Tarot

8 of Wands

Friday, March 30, 2012
8 of Wands

Swift communication is at the forefront today.  Have you applied for something and been waiting to hear back?  Expecting some news to finally come down the wire?

Or maybe it will be a surprise. One way or another, the message is on its way and your wait is almost over.  You’ll know soon enough.

Now that your plans are in action, things will start moving quickly.  Communicate what you want and don’t be shy about it.

How else will people know what you’re thinking?  This is the time to get your ideas out there and your message heard.

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The Stars

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#17 The Star from the Smith Waite Tarot

In Tarot, the Star card represents healing, peace after a storm, and a renewed sense of optimism when everything seems impossibly dark.

I like to think of the woman in the picture as being Kuan Yin, or Tārā, a goddess of compassion and all-flowing love.

Imagining her in the sky at night shining down on all of us is really sweet, and that’s how felt when I watched the video below posted by Alex Rivest.

It’s a timelapse compilation of images from NASA’s space station focusing on the stars. There sure are a lot of them.

And if we look at them from a Tarot perspective, the message might be that even in the deepest darkness, the universe is strewn with love and hope.

The Stars as Viewed from the International Space Station. from AJRCLIPS.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 3/29/12

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10 of Disks from Georgie's Tarot

10 of Disks

Thursday, March 29, 2012
10 of Disks

You may have more physical prosperity than you thought.  Look around and see the support that’s there.

It’s likely that the money or physical support or whatever it is you need is at hand and that those who said they were behind you really are.

Trust your family and loved ones, they really do have your back and were never going to let you fall.

Open yourself to abundance and you might be surprised at how much is there for you.

And when you prosper, don’t forget to be generous.  No one ever does it all on their own (even when we think we do).  We all need each other, and it’s through sharing that we discover our true wealth.

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The iChing, 64, and the Wheel of Fortune

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An interesting performance piece took place at the corner of 40th and Walnut in Philadelphia last week.

Over the course of 64 minutes, 64 people held black and white umbrellas each bearing one of the iChing’s 64 hexagrams.

During the piece, artist Huang Rui spoke for 64 seconds to each umbrella holder. I don’t know what he said, but maybe it was a message from the hexagram that that person was holding.

And unfortunately, I’m not at all sure what Huang was actually trying to express with his piece, though it looks to me like he was bringing the iChing to life.

#10 Wheel of Fortune from the Smith Waite Tarot

But if I consider it from a Tarot perspective, and think of all those 64’s, my mind turns to the Wheel of Fortune. After all, 6 plus 4 equals 10, the number of the Wheel.

And what of all those umbrellas, aren’t they just like little wheels on a stick?

The correlation fits nicely given that the iChing is known as the Book of Changes. The Wheel of Fortune is also all about change, both good and not so good.

As it spins, situations and opportunities of every type present themselves, not unlike those represented by the 64 hexagrams in the ancient book.

I’m pretty sure Huang didn’t mean to make such a connection, but interpreting art is very much like reading a Tarot card. More often than not, meaning is found in the eye of the beholder.

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Moon in Cancer – High Priestess Dressed as the Charioteer

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The High Priestess dressed as the Chariot

High Priestess in Chariot's Clothing

The Moon moves into Cancer today, and stays there until Sunday.

Looking at this transit through the lens of the Tarot, you might describe it as the High Priestess dressed in the clothing of the Charioteer. She’s left the safety of her pillars and veil, and has hit the road.

The Moon in Cancer, or the High Priestess dressed as the Charioteer, can be a powerful time of comfortable change and emotional resilience.

Knowledge gathered in silence has coalesced and it’s time to share without fear of being hurt.

Emotional loyalty, intuitive direction and strength of character can give you the resolve to go forward. Even into the unknown.

Try not to coddle yourself. You can only win if you have the courage to play to the end.

go to full description

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Tarot Card of the Day – 3/28/12

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Queen of Cups from Georgie's Tarot

Queen of Cups

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Queen of Cups

The energy today is full of nurturance and love.  Let yourself give and receive.  Share your feelings, your dreams and what it is that makes you human.  Let your imagination run away with you (while holding on to reality if you can).

The Queen of Cups loves romance and laughter and beauty in all its forms.  Take a leap into your emotional depths.  Don’t be afraid, you won’t stay under too long.  This Queen understands emotional limits – how to push them and how to pull them back gently without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Today would be a great day to enjoy the company of loved ones. Or call or write them – one way or another, be sure they know you care.

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Through the Eyes of the Fool's Dog

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#0 The Fool from the Smith Waite Tarot

Have you ever wondered what the Fool’s dog might be seeing as he looks over the cliff beside his trusted companion?

Take a look at Riley the Corgi in the video below. With a doggy cam strapped to his back, he takes a hike through the cliffs and valleys of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles.

It’s a hike I used to take with my Fool’s dog Stoney Machete. I’m glad for the chance to see it as he did.

The song ‘Here’s to Now’ by Ugly Cassanova is the perfect soundtrack. Living in the now is one of the Fool’s big lessons. His dog teaches it too.

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