Obscura Day 2012

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Obscura Day 2012

Saturday, April 28th is Obscura Day – an international celebration of unusual places.

The day is organized by the people at Atlas Obscura, which describes itself as ‘a compendium of the world’s wonders, curiosities and esoterica.’

While looking at their website, I see that today’s featured places include the Kherwra Salt Mines, the Giant Crystals of Naica, and the Kingdom of Boomeria. All are definitely unusual, as are some of the tours organized for Obscura Day itself.

In Kyonan, Japan you can visit the 1553 stone-carved monks at the Nihon-ji temple, while in Los Angeles you can join Maja’s Mysteries’ esoteric tour of LA.

Mitch Horowitz is doing his Occult Tour of New York City, and in Toronto, Mysterion promises an evening of the unusual and bizarre.

Less mysterious, but at least as interesting is the chance to visit the world’s second largest particle accelerator in Batavia, Illinois, or take a tour below the streets of Sacramento.

In England, the Chislehurst Caves will be open after dark, or for those in Berlin, join a street art tour and take part in a graffiti workshop.

But if nothing’s planned in your area, don’t despair. Consider creating your own event and join the Obscura fun.

Or at the very least, take the opportunity of Obscura Day to look around your own neighbourhood. You never know what curiosities you might find.

Here’s some clips from last year’s events …

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