Anonymous Tarot Art Drops

October 11th, 2013 § 0 comments

Inspired by artists who anonymously leave pieces of their art around their neighbourhoods for anyone who might be lucky enough to find them, I’ve been conducting my own little neighbourhood Tarot Art Drop.

The art itself might not be so good, but the intention is meant to be.

I started by asking the deck – which cards want to play in the Tarot Art Drop?

After choosing twelve cards (a completely random number), I first drew each of the images on sketch paper. I then glued the pictures to cardboard from an old box I had around, then coloured and glazed each one.

On the back of the finished card-pictures, I wrote a little positive message, something related to the card, then started dropping them around.

Over the last few months, I’ve left them in alleyways, bus stops, and in phone booths.

For all I know, they’ve all been lost to the wind, or destroyed in the rain. But maybe at least one of them was picked up and got their message through.

And hopefully, they were able to spread their good energy whether anyone noticed them or not.

[cincopa AYLAEQL2o21y]

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