Every Town Needs a Fool

August 14th, 2015 § 0 comments


The Tarot Fool has come to life in the small town of Conwy, Wales which recently appointed its first resident Jester in over 700 years.

According to rawstory.com, at the beginning of August, Russel Erwood was installed as the Fool of Conwy, and dubbed ‘Erwyd le Fol’ during an official celebration involving falconry, knights, and a parade.

To get the job, Erwyd had to prove himself by successfully completing three tasks. He had to juggle daggers while blindfolded, balance a sword on his chin, and make a gold coin disappear.

He did them all and more, finishing up his routine with a trick known as The Burning Brushes of Beelzebub where he balanced a burning barbeque on a wooden pole down at the town’s quayside.

Who could ask for more!

The last official Fool of Conwy was ‘Tom le Fol’, appointed by King Edward I of England back in 1294. Erwyd’s work duties will be very similar to his predecessor Tom’s – juggling, singing songs, telling stories, and performing magic tricks.

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