Tarot Card of the Day – 5/18/24

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Saturday, May 18, 2024
#12 – The Hanged Man

This isn’t the day for action.  It’s time to slow down and take a close look at what’s been going on. And if you can do it from a different perspective – great!   Choose a comfortable place to relax and review what you’ve been up to.  It might seem like a sacrifice, but it’s well worth it.

Are there patterns in your life that seem to be becoming more obvious than usual? This is a wonderful time to pay attention to how you’re life’s been going these last three months or so.  Does it remind you of another time – maybe 12 years ago?

Look carefully at any people, places or things from your past (or that remind you of the past) that might unexpectedly appear. They might be highlighting particular areas in your life you’re repeating. Is it a repetition you’re happy with?

After you’ve done some review, start thinking about where you want to go next.  Your old ways are almost over.  Think about the new patterns you want to develop – you’ll be ready to start them soon enough.  For now, relax, review and let yourself imagine?

Tarot Card of the Day – 5/17/24

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Friday, May 17, 2024
6 of Swords

This is a good day to get your thoughts as clear as possible.  And you may have some emotional issues that could use a little focused attention.  It’s a great time to think things through.

What choices are you being asked to make at this time?  Look them squarely in the face and choose.  If you can’t choose now, when do you think you can?  At least decide that.  Ask yourself what will bring you closer to your own truth – a union of mind, body and soul.

You’re sharp as a tack today.  Take advantage of the energy to decide what needs deciding.  You can do it.  How will you get to your next step if you don’t?

Mercury in Taurus – Magician in the Hierophant’s Clothing

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Magician in the Hierophant's Clothing

Mercury is about to move into Taurus and will stay there until June 3rd.

Translated into Tarot, this transit would be like the Magician is wearing the Hierophant’s clothing. He’s replaced his light robes for heavy holy vestments.

Mercury in Taurus, or the Magician wearing the Hierophant’s clothing is a time when communication might take a turn towards the spiritual, and the rules of morality.

Tradition, faith, and religious world views are all open for discussion and some conflict might be expected between new ideas and old.

This is a period when it’s not good enough to just say one thing, then jump on over to the next. You might be asked to stop and focus.

Say for real what you believe. And don’t fall for, or become, a trickster guru.

Take this opportunity to review what you have faith in. Look at it from all sides and be willing to play with the ideas.

New life can be pumped into stale old structures, and solid traditions can offer grounding to inspiration.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 5/16/24

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Thursday, May 16, 2024
#14 – Temperance

This is a great day to even things out. Balance and temperance are the energies surrounding you now. Can you bring your physical world into harmony with your emotional state?

Temperance is about that perfect mix, neither too much nor too little. It’s about becoming conscious of what you want to be both inside and out, and courageous enough to try.

You are responsible for any healing you might need. The first step is to acknowledge what might be out of balance and then start readjusting.

Sometimes it’s about finding a new way to meld your internal opposites; sometimes it’s about casting out what no longer works. In all cases though, it’s about being true to your self and connecting to the grander universe.

Try asking an angel for some help today. You might be surprised at the result.

Moon in Virgo – High Priestess in the Hermit’s Clothing

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The High Priestess wearing the Hermit's clothing

The Moon moved into Virgo and will be there until Saturday.

From a Tarot perspective, you might think of this transit as the High Priestess wearing the Hermit’s clothes. She’s putting on her cowl.

The Moon in Virgo, or High Priestess in the Hermit’s clothing, is a time for practical, quiet reflection. Seeking the advice of an expert, and listening carefully to what they have to say could be worthwhile.

Or maybe someone will be asking you for your advice.

Your home is more important now than the outside world. Start thinking how to make it more practical. You might not be ready to do the work just yet, but this is a great time to plan.

Emotionally, it’s a time of calm. Perfect for listening and reflecting rather than acting out in passion. Take your time. There’s no rush.

Study, organization, contemplation, solitude, emotional self-reflection. Don’t be afraid to be alone right now. There’s lot’s to do on your own.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 5/15/24

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Queen of Cups

The energy today is full of nurturance and love.  Let yourself give and receive.  Share your feelings, your dreams and what it is that makes you human.  Let your imagination run away with you (while holding on to reality if you can).

The Queen of Cups loves romance and laughter and beauty in all its forms.  Take a leap into your emotional depths.  Don’t be afraid, you won’t stay under too long.  This Queen understands emotional limits – how to push them and how to pull them back gently without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Today would be a great day to enjoy the company of loved ones. Or call or write them – one way or another, be sure they know you care.

Tarot Card of the Day – 5/14/24

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Queen of Swords

The truth is an important commodity right now.  Getting through the fog and cutting out that which no longer works is a priority.

You might be feeling a little hardcore, a little less sympathetic to sob stories and other tales of woe than usual.  That’s all right.  Sometimes it’s more important to be clear than to be sweet.

Get the job done and do it with the determination, diligence and discernment that you expect from others.

Keep in mind though that the bigger picture includes compassion.  You need not be cruel or mean to be truthful and serious.

Not everyone is as tough-skinned as you are right now, so be aware of the potential effect your words might have.

Moon in Leo – High Priestess in Strength’s Clothing

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The High Priestess in Strength's Clothing

The Moon moves into Leo today and stays there until Wednesday.

Translated into Tarot cards, this transit would be like the High Priestess is wearing Strength’s clothing. She’s thrown off her heavy cape and is spending some time outside with her lion.

The Moon in Leo, or High Priestess in Strength’s clothing is potentially a time of emotional power. Something beautiful that’s usually under wraps can finally be revealed.

The silence is broken. Quiet wisdom and passion can be united. During this time, it might be difficult to keep your ideas to yourself. But why should you?

Try finding an outlet for plans you’ve been sitting on? This is an opportunity to shine if you’re not over-burdened by self-consciousness.

It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but letting your wilder side out right now could be positive. The sun isn’t always shining. Take advantage of it when it does.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 5/13/24

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Monday, May 13, 2024
#10 – Wheel of Fortune

It’s a fantastic day to get going on whatever project (especially a new one) you’ve been thinking about.  Opportunities abound for you to finally move forward with your plan.

Don’t be afraid if you think you can’t do it?  You’ve been spending plenty of time thinking about it.  Look close, you’ll see you have all you need to make it work.

The only thing that will slow you down is doing things the same old way.  Start fresh now.  You’re ready to go.

Tarot Card of the Day – 5/12/24

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Sunday, May 12, 2024
King of Cups

Compassion, emotional strength and mature love are key energies today.  The King of Cups understands well the joys and sacrifices involved in relationships of all kinds.

Concern yourself with how others are feeling, what they need for support and how you might help.  Through concern for the needs of others you might unexpectedly fulfill your own.

And if you know you’re needing some assistance yourself but have been afraid to ask – get over it.  Emotional generosity and support are there if you’re willing to let someone help.  But they have to know you need the help before they can offer it.

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