Soul Card #5 – The Hierophant

#5 The Hierophant from Georgie's Tarot

#5 The Hierophant

#5 – The Hierophant
If your tarot number adds up to 5, your personality and soul is represented by the Hierophant.

Grounded and firm in your spiritual convictions, people look to you to help them with their important decisions.  You’re often seen as a moral authority and it’s a role you relish.

Family, tradition and practicality are highlighted with the Hierophant energy, as is a highly attuned sense of the divine.  You spend a great deal of time trying to bring it down to earth for the rest of us to learn from.

At times unyielding, you’re sense of right and wrong is firmly defined.  When asked to make judgement, the Hierophant rarely shies away from the challenge.

The Hierophant is the soul symbol for the Temperance personality.

Famous Hierophants:
Aaron Spelling, Adam Clayton, Alyssa Milano, Anderson Cooper, Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Ashanti, Beyoncé, Billy Bob Thornton, Burt Reynolds, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cézanne, Claudia Schiffer, Christina Ricci, Colin Farrell, Conan O’Brien, Courteney Cox, Dennis Hopper, Denzel Washington, Dr. Dre, Ellen DeGeneres, Hermann Hesse, Howard Stern, Jay-Z, Jennifer Beals, Jennifer Connelly, John Coltrane, John Mayer, Jon Bon Jovi, Kenny G., Kim Cattrall, Lee Harvey Oswald, Little Richard, Liv Tyler, Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, Michael J. Fox, Michelle Kwan, Mick Jagger, Norah Jones, Randy Jackson, Patsy Cline, Penny Marshall, Renoir, Robert Plant, Ron Howard, Rudolph Nureyev, Ryan Gosling, Sacha Baron Cohen, Sean Penn, Sidney Poitier, Simon Cowell, Steven Spielberg, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Thom Yorke, Toni Braxton, Tori Spelling, Uma Thurman, Van Gogh, Venus Williams

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