Stoney Machete – a good friend

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Stoney Machete in the Sun photo by Kelly Catchings

Stoney Machete

In honour of my sweet dog friend Stoney Machete, who passed away yesterday, I’m reposting a story I posted on his birthday back in 2009….
Stone and I have shared some good times. Hours together at the office, adventures at the Bat Cave, trips to Pioneer Town, countless games of drag and tug.

We’ve crisscrossed North America together and said hello and good-bye at airports more times than I can remember. I love Stoney.

But we did have a bit of an awkward start to our friendship. I met the Stone when he was just six months old and all about chewing.

I know it’s not right to take dog behaviour personally, but I couldn’t help but notice the only things he chewed belonged to me.

My friend, his very best human, told me I was imagining it, but I wasn’t, and Stone knew I was on to him.

5 of Wands from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

5 of Wands

One night we arrived home to see my entire Thoth Tarot deck strewn across the floor, starting in the living room and trailing in a straight line right through to the bedroom.

I was wildly upset as I followed the card path. When I got to the end I couldn’t believe my eyes. The last card in the trail was the 5 of Wands – Strife. And it was chewed to shreds.

Since that was the only card with any damage on it, I couldn’t help but take it as a message. Stoney had decided to clear the air and bring our petty arguing about who was chewing what out into the open.

And not only that, he was going to end the fighting right then.

Of course I let him know I wasn’t happy with his method of communication, but wow was he good. We became fast friends from there.

And about the deck, since it was my very first one, given to me by my mother, I decided ‘Strife be damned,’ and kept it. In fact, I use it all the time.

Purists might be disturbed by my choice, but I believe if the energy of the 5 of Wands needs to come out in a reading, it’ll find a way.

It might be through a combination of other cards, or by myself and a client ‘magically’ choosing a different deck for that reading. No harm done.

Stoney and I live in different cities right now so I’ve had to pass my birthday message on to him through his best human.

But I thought I’d give it a go psychically as well, and of course chose Tarot as my medium.

Out loud I said “I love Stoney Mac!’ and pulled a card.

#8 Strength from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot


The card I got was ‘Strength’. Pictured is a young maiden playing with a gorgeous golden lion.

Quite obviously the young maiden is myself (ha ha) and the golden lion no other than Stoney Machete aka The Golden Boy of Hollywood.

How fabulous! He sent me a picture of the two of us hanging out. Stone’s still got the Tarot Touch!!

And he always will. I love you Stoney.

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