The Burning Serpent Oracle – Rachel Pollack Demonstrates

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I posted about Robert Place and Rachel Pollack’s Burning Serpent Oracle before, but now there’s a video so I can’t help but post again.

The Burning Serpent Oracle is Place and Pollack’s take on the classic Lenormand deck, a deck not unlike Tarot, but with only 38 cards, and a very standardized (though still quite magical) method of reading.

In the video below, Rachel Pollack talks about the Lenormand deck and its history, as well as how to actually read with it, using The Burning Serpent Oracle to demonstrate.

If you’re interested in ordering a deck of your own, the Burning Serpent Indiegogo campaign is still on until Thursday. Visit the project page to learn more.

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The Burning Serpent Oracle

March 3rd, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

Take a look at this fantastic IndieGoGo project! Robert M. Place and Rachel Pollack’s brand new Burning Serpent Oracle!

Two of my favourite Tarot teachers and deck designers have come together to create, not a Tarot deck, but a new set of Lenormand cards.

Place is responsible for the artwork on all forty of these beautiful cards, while Pollack has written the 260 page book that accompanies the deck.

I can hardly wait to get my copy! Go to the Burning Serpent Oracle project page to learn more, and maybe to order a copy for yourself.

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