Tattoos, the Star, and the Elora Tarot Project

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I’ve posted about The Elora Tarot Project before. It’s a new Tarot deck and art show curated by Shelly Carter.

The show itself, which runs until November 3rd at Elora’s Wellington County Museum and Archives, features 78 original art works created by 65 different artists from the Elora, Ontario area.

Daemon Rowanchilde is one of those artists. He created the beautiful Star card in the deck, and in the video below, the first in a series by Rowanchilde called The Art of Transformation, he describes the symbolism of his card in detail.

Rowanchilde is a tattoo artist who sees the process of tattooing as a spiritual journey, not unlike the spiritual healing found in the Star card.

Take a look …

And if you’re in the Toronto area and can’t make it out to the exhibit before November 3rd, take heart. I hear that The Elora Tarot Project is coming to the Gladstone Hotel in January. I’ll let you know when I find out more.

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The Elora Tarot Project

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I love group Tarot decks, and the new Elora Tarot Project, curated by Shelley Carter, is no exception.

After a Tarot trip to Italy in 2011, Carter returned home to Elora, Ontario inspired to make her own deck, or more specifically, a ‘made in Elora’ deck.

She passed the idea by some artist friends of hers, and next thing you know, the Elora Tarot Project was born.

You can see images of the cards at the Elora Tarot Project website, where you’re also able to purchase a copy of this beautiful deck.

But if you’re lucky enough to be in the Southern Ontario area, you can also see the Elora Tarot Project in person.

An exhibit of all the original artwork is running now through November 3rd at the Wellington County Museum and Archives.

Sounds like a good excuse for a day trip.

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