Quilting, Tarot, and the 2 of Wooden Spoons

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Quilts, like Tarot decks, are made up of many little pieces. Each piece has meaning of its own, but together they have a chance to tell a much bigger story.

I wrote about the Kitchen Tarot by Susan Shie before, but I came across it again in a news piece about a tribute to Ardis James, a long-time patron of quilt making.

The Kitchen Tarot by Susan Shie, guidebook by Dennis Fairchild

In the Kitchen Tarot’s 2 of Wooden Spoons, Shie depicted Ardis and her friend Betty whipping up some salsa. And what’s especially wonderful about the image is that it’s actually a quilt.

All the original images from the Kitchen Tarot are quilts. Can you imagine how beautiful they must be!

For those lucky enough to be in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, there’s now a chance for you to see at least one of them in person.

Shie donated the 2 of Wooden Spoons to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, and it’s presently on display as part of the Tribute to Ardis James. Get down to see it if you can.

And in the spirit of quilt making, take a look at the video below.

It features Diane Rose, a quilter from Waco, Texas. Not only are her quilts beautiful, but she makes them all by hand despite being completely blind.

The piece has nothing to do with Tarot, but Rose is truly inspirational, and well worth taking a listen to.

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A December Message from The Kitchen Tarot

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The Kitchen Tarot by Susan Shie, guidebook by Dennis Fairchild

The Kitchen Tarot

Look at the video below for an excellent Tarot message for December, courtesy of Hay House and The Kitchen Tarot.

In the Kitchen Tarot, the Chariot card is the Rolling Pin. I’d never considered such an association before, but I think it’s pretty great.

The Chariot has traditionally represented steadfast warrior-like energy, and an ability to persevere and achieve success through hard-work and personal integrity.

Rolling Pin

The rolling pin might not be a warrior, but it’s long been depicted as a handy go-to weapon for women.

More importantly though, it’s used to roll through the bumps and lumps present in any project worth working on.

#7 The Chariot from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

#7 The Chariot

It’s a strait-forward instrument, just a roller and some handles, but it’s the basic tool for creating everything from the hardiest of breads to the most delicate of pastries.

And of course, it rolls, like all good Chariots do.

The rest of the Kitchen Tarot looks just as fun. It’s a Majors only deck created by Susan Shie, with a guidebook by Dennis Fairchild.

Shie quilted each of the cards using a character she developed in 1998 called St. Quilta the Comforter.

St. Quilta is based on her mother, a nurse who studied natural healing, and obviously is the Queen of the Kitchen Tarot.

The deck is adorable, and the message of the Rolling Pin is excellent.

Keep rolling on through December and bake up something sweet.

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