Mars in Scorpio – The Tower's Lightening Strikes Death

Mars in Scorpio, the Tower's Lightening Strikes Death

Looking at this transit through the eyes of the Tarot, it would be like the Tower’s lightening is striking Death. Transformation has been ignited.

The Tower hearkens change, typically of the sudden and unexpected kind.

Solid structures no longer feel secure, and those in charge can find themselves more than a little unsure of where they might be headed.

But the bolt of lightening also brings new energy with it, and a blinding flash of light that can open new perspectives. Shocking though it is, the Tower energy is illuminating as well.

Death is also a card of change, but it’s more emotionally charged than spiritually ignited. It’s less about illumination, and more about reflection.

Putrefaction is its theme. It’s transformation through decay, slow moving, but ever progressing.

In Tarot, Death isn’t an end so much as a stage. It’s like a caterpillar’s time in a cocoon, an internal process of regeneration.

The Tower’s lightening forces Death’s normally hidden processes to suddenly come to light. Though it’s not always pretty, it’s usually worth paying attention to.

Mars in Scorpio, or the Tower’s lightening striking Death, can be a period of significant internal transformation. And change that was taking place slowly might start picking up speed.

Be as open to the changes around you as you can, and courageous enough to face what you see.

If an unexpected insight prompts you to reconsider aspects of your life – dive in and explore the situation fully.

Have faith that endings will be followed by renewal, and dormancy replaced with something fresh and very much alive.

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