Aleister Crowley, the Painter

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Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

It’s a pretty fascinating video. Paintings by and of Aleister Crowley.

Kenneth Anger’s short film, The Man We Want To Hang, gets its name from the famous 1923 Sunday Express article that called Crowley the ‘Wickedest Man In The World.’

Released in 2001, the film was shot at London’s October Gallery in the late 1990s at a show called ‘An Old Master.’ The score is by Anatoly Liadov.

Paintings and other art work was drawn from the collections of Keith Richmond, Jimmy Page and the Ordo Templi Orientis International. They depict a variety of subjects from simple landscapes, to daemonic beings, to portraits of Crowley himself.

Creator of the Thoth Tarot and author of countless magical and other texts, Aleister Crowley was certainly notorious. And maybe he wasn’t such a fine artist. But I’d be thrilled to have any one of his paintings.

Why hasn’t someone made a Tarot deck from them yet?

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