Jupiter in Taurus – Wheel of Fortune Spins the Hierophant’s Throne


Looking at this transit from a Tarot perspective, it’s like the Wheel of Fortune is spinning the Hierophant’s throne. What seemed solid yesterday feels a lot more fluid today.

The Wheel of Fortune turns everything upside down. Then back upright again before you know it. It’s a trip you can’t predict.

But you can prepare for it by letting everything go. The Wheel asks for an open mind, unattached to preconceptions and old paradigms. It takes everything you know and mixes it up to create something you could only dream of.

There’s nothing so precious it can’t be spun. It might feel good, it might not, but everything’s got to change. From the perspective of the Wheel, change is necessary for survival.

The Hierophant, on the other hand, isn’t so fond of spinning. He likes his seat solid and his ideas fixed. He’s sure of his position, and once comfortable, likes to stay where he is.

He appreciates tradition and much prefers ritual to spontaneity. Moral codes are his specialty, and he’s known for his grounded advice. He’s found a path and likes to share it.

Though he thinks big, the Hierophant likes to control the transmission of ideas as much as possible. Too many outside concepts might mess with his order.

The Wheel of Fortune takes the Hierophant for a ride that he’s not always comfortable with. But he’s a man willing to take what comes. He’ll try to find meaning in whatever it is he’s faced with.

Jupiter in Taurus, or the Wheel of Fortune spinning the Hierophant’s throne, can be a time of spiritual upheaval. What you thought you had faith in might suddenly appear to change.

And maybe it is changing. This is a time of expansion, when old traditions might not seem as useful as they once did.

Don’t be surprised if leaders prove as human as their followers, and be open to new ways of finding the divine in your life.

It might feel a little chaotic at first, but it’s good for us to shake things up sometimes. Don’t get hung up on any one idea, and enjoy the ride.

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