Growth Year #10 – Wheel of Fortune

#10 The Wheel of Fortune from Georgie's Tarot

#10 Wheel of Fortune

#10 – Wheel of Fortune
Years adding up to #10 are represented by the Wheel of Fortune.

This year opportunity and new horizons keep your life spinning with regular change and new perspectives. 

The Wheel of Fortune year encourages you to gather experiences from all areas of your life and mold them into new prospects for your future.  Creative communication and a willingness to move on are integral parts of this year’s energy. 

Don’t get stuck in a rut – it’ll drive you crazy.  And if you do feel trapped, the faster you shake things up the better.  The world never stops, and neither should you. 

The Wheel of Fortune year brings good luck and a great chance to do things a little differently than usual.

The shadow symbols for the Wheel of Fortune are the Sun and the Magician.

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