Tarot Card of the Day – 1/17/20

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Six of Disks from Georgie's Tarot
Six of Disks

Friday, January 17, 2020
6 of Disks

The reckoning’s done and it’s finally time to dole out the rewards.  Have you done your fair share?  Are you ready to accept what’s due?

Success is coming to those who have done what they can to manifest their goals.  It may seem like manna from heaven but look again – it’s more likely compensation for a job well done.

And don’t forget to thank those who have been helping you. We’re never alone in either our successes or our failures.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/9/20

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The King of Swords from Georgie's Tarot

Thursday, January 9, 2020
King of Swords

Clear rational thinking is at the fore today.  Is there something you need to take control of?  Have you been wavering and wishy-washy lately?  Stop procrastinating.

Focus, take charge and get it done.   Have the courage to be clear and rational.  Cut through the fog and let logic rule the day.

You know who you are, you know what you want and you’re sure you deserve it.   Go to it.  But beware of dictating what’s best for those around you.

You might know how to take care of yourself, but let others take care of their own lives, their own way.

Tarot Card of the Day – 12/31/19

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#5 The Hierophant from Georgie's Tarot
#5 The Hierophant

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
#5 – The Hierophant

Spiritual questions and tradition are highlighted during this period.  It’s probably important to you now to look carefully at the spiritual structures in your life.  Why do you believe what you do?  Who are your spiritual authorities and what gives them their legitimacy?  Who decides issues of morality for you, your family and/or your community?

Many of these questions are answered with cultural traditions. Today, you’ll probably be examining whether or not the answers you’re accustomed to are still satisfactory.  They might be or they might not be.  Don’t be afraid to seek out your truth simply because it rubs against your comfort zone.  Sometimes growth hurts a bit.

You might be asked to judge someone else’s dispute, or find the need to go to an authority for answers yourself.  Keep your mind open, but your skepticism on.  Ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide whether something makes sense for your life or not.

Tarot Card of the Day – 12/17/19

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Ace of Wands from Georgie's Tarot
Ace of Wands

Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Ace of Wands

The flame has been ignited and there’s a new feeling floating around.  This is a day to let inspiration lead the way.

Throw out your old excuses and start something you really care about.  Passion and fire are what motivates the soul and it’s time to listen to yours.

You might not yet know what’s different but you know your old way of doing things is no longer possible.  A new spirit has been planted and you can probably feel the excitement beginning to build.

Whatever it is that moves you with enthusiasm should be your starting point.  Being true to your spirit isn’t being selfish.  It’s what makes you fully human.

Theresa Reed’s Tarot Bytes Episode 148 w/Georgianna

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Hey Everyone … Take a Look! (or more properly, a listen) …

Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady and I took some time out to talk about reading cards for politics and current events.

You can hear us here –> https://www.thetarotlady.com/tarot-bytes-episode-148-tarot-current-events-georgianna-boehnke

Hope you enjoy!!

Tarot Card of the Day – 9/16/19

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2 of Swords from Georgie's Tarot

Monday, September 16, 2019
2 of Swords

This is a day to take your time and think things through – calmly and quietly. Trust your inner voice and let silence be your friend. There’s probably a lot of emotion behind your thoughts these days. Try to keep balance.

Make sure you’re not overthinking things. It’s all about listening to both your logic and your intuition. Both have something to say to you right now. Try not to let your emotions sweep you away or your thoughts crush you down. You’ll know what to do when you need to do it. No need to act right now, just sit.

Mental peace is the energy you’ll discover in your quietude. Keep still. Keep calm. Your thoughts may be heavy, but you’re more than strong enough to hold them.

Tarot Card of the Day – 9/15/19

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8 of Disks from Georgie's Tarot
8 of Disks

Sunday, September 15, 2019
8 of Disks

Get down to work. Nothing exciting going on, except maybe the chance to get more done than you thought you would.

Follow the template and don’t worry about being particularly innovative today. It’s probably more important to just get it done.

To motivate yourself try remembering that what you’re working on now is setting you up for your future. Put in the effort and it’ll ultimately pay off.

Moon in Scorpio – High Priestess in Death’s Clothing

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The moon moves into Scorpio today and stays there until Wednesday.

If you translate this transit into the Tarot, you could say that the High Priestess is dressed as Death. She’s in the midst of a great transformation.

The Moon in Scorpio, or High Priestess in Death’s clothing, suggests a time when feelings run deep. The ability to end relationships that don’t work, or release stagnant emotions is accentuated.

If there’s a situation in your life that’s nearing its completion, especially if it’s emotional or relationship-oriented, this might be a good time to let it go. At least explore it with emotional clarity.

This isn’t a time to be afraid, but rather a time to face your fears with equanimity and intelligence.

You’ve got what it takes. Don’t back down from the scary stuff.

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Moon in Virgo – High Priestess in the Hermit’s Clothing

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The High Priestess wearing the Hermit's clothing

The Moon moves into Virgo today and will be there until Saturday.

From a Tarot perspective, you might think of this transit as the High Priestess wearing the Hermit’s clothes. She’s putting on her cowl.

The Moon in Virgo, or High Priestess in the Hermit’s clothing, is a time for practical, quiet reflection. Seeking the advice of an expert, and listening carefully to what they have to say could be worthwhile.

Or maybe someone will be asking you for your advice.

Your home is more important now than the outside world. Start thinking how to make it more practical. You might not be ready to do the work just yet, but this is a great time to plan.

Emotionally, it’s a time of calm. Perfect for listening and reflecting rather than acting out in passion. Take your time. There’s no rush.

Study, organization, contemplation, solitude, emotional self-reflection. Don’t be afraid to be alone right now. There’s lot’s to do on your own.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 8/18/19

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The High Priestess from Georgie's Tarot

Sunday, August 18, 2019
#2 – The High Priestess

This is a good day to give your spirit some serious attention.  Take a little time by yourself to think about what it is that you believe.  What do you think of the world and your place in it?  What ultimately gives your life meaning?

It’s also a good time right now to pay attention to the messages other people have been sending you.   Let yourself absorb the world around you without feeling the need to jump in right away and take action.  This is a better time to sit and receive than to act.

Observe, listen and think about what it is you’re doing.  Through reflection you’ll start to see all sides.  Through this wider perspective you’ll find the priorities and direction that can help you on your path.

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