Soul Card #6 – The Lovers

#6 The Lovers from Georgie's Tarot

#6 The Lovers

#6 – The Lovers
If your tarot number adds up to 6, your personality and soul is represented by the Lovers.  It’s all about the relationships for you, romantic and otherwise. 

Tending to your networks is a vital component of your personality.  You like to have people around you and are most comfortable as part of a couple. 

Though often quiet in a crowd, you pay close attention to what’s going on, finding lots to say later when safely home with your other half or close confidantes. 

Making choices can sometimes be a struggle and you might find yourself flip-flopping a bit till you’re finally ready to commit. But once you do, you generally mean it. 

Maintaining an open flow between one’s consciousness, unconscious and higher-consciousness helps the Lovers types maintain pleasant and well-balanced dispositions.

The Lovers is the soul symbol for Devil personalities.

Famous Lovers:
Abbie Hoffman, Albert Einstein, Anton Chekhov, Authur Edward Waite, Ben Affleck, Ben Kingsley, Britney Spears, Bob Guccione, Calista Flockhart, Charlie Sheen, Christopher Reeve, Christopher Walken, Claire Danes, Ed Norton, George W. Bush, Goldie Hawn, Hayden Christensen, Heather Locklear, Jerry Springer, Jesse Jackson, Jessica Alba, John Lennon, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jude Law, Justin Timberlake, Katherine Heigl, Kate Bosworth, Lenin, Lenny Kravitz, Lindsay Lohan, Matthew Broderick, Melissa Etheridge, Meryl Streep, Neil Young, Neve Campbell, Pamela Colman Smith, Phil Donahue, Phil Spector, Rachmaninoff, Reba McEntire, Robert De Niro, Rosanna Arquette, Rosie O’Donnell, Salma Hayek, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Stephen King, Sylvester Stallone, Ted Turner, The Edge, Vanna White, Warren Buffett, Woodrow Wilson

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