Soul Card #15 – The Devil

#15 The Devil from Georgie's Tarot

#15 The Devil

#15 – The Devil
If your tarot number adds up to 15, your personality is represented by the Devil.  Intense and at times obsessive, when you focus on something you keep at till its done.

You’re more concerned with what you can see and touch than any airy-fairy theories.  And you don’t have a lot of patience for those that don’t want to get down and dirty when the time is right.

But when you play, you play hard, and no one likes to laugh at how crazy we all are than you.  To the Devil personality, nothing is taboo.

As far as you’re concerned, people can do what they will, but they should do it like they mean it.

The soul symbol of the Devil personality is the Lovers.

Famous Devils:
Agatha Christie, B.B. King, DeForest Kelley, Duke Ellington, Edgar Degas, Erma Bombeck, Florence Henderson, Francis Ford Coppola, Fred Astaire, Federico Fellini, Galileo, Greta Garbo, Ian Fleming, Helena Blavatsky, Jackson Pollock, James Dean, Jane Goodall, Jean Paul Sartre, Joe DiMaggio, Kofi Annan, Michael Caine, Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, Nelson Rockefeller, Prince Edward, Quincy Jones, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Richard Nixon, Ted Koppel, Thomas Alva Edison, T.S. Eliot

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