Happy New Years (Eve)

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May the Star fill us all with hope and compassion for the New Year …

Merry Christmas

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Joy to the World … and have a very Merry Christmas!

You Matter

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On this last day of February, our graffiti isn’t Tarot oriented, but it’s definitely something worth remembering …

Have a really good day!

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

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It’s the Year of the Dog! Happy Lunar New Year!! …

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy New Year!

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Why You Should Try

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If you find yourself always explaining to yourself why you shouldn’t try something you’d really like to do, take a look at the video below from Simon Cade and DSLRguide called Why You Shouldn’t Be An Artist.

It’s not at all about Tarot, but it brings to mind the idea from the Fool card that sometimes we just need to take a leap and not get all hung up on convincing ourselves not to try.

Happy Halloween!

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Forgiveness in the Cards

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What Tarot cards might indicate the idea of forgiveness?

I imagine that a number of characters in the deck are forgiving … for instance, members of the Cup family, the Queen of Pentacles, and of course, the Empress.

And in a more official capacity, the Hierophant and Justice might decide who should be forgiven and who should be punished. Even the Hermit might be connected to this concept, at least on a personal level of self-forgiveness.

But I’d say that the more overtly forgiving cards might be the 6 of Cups, the 2 of Cups, and the Star.

I say that because (at least in the RWS deck), the 6 and 2 of Cups show people actually looking at each other and communicating with love. They might be communicating about all sorts of things, but it’s easy to imagine one or both of the characters to be saying “I’m sorry” and/or “I forgive you.”

With regards to the Star, it’s more of a heavenly or universal type thing – she’s always there above to lend us some hope, healing, and forgiveness.

So take a look at your own deck and think about what cards might mean forgiveness to you. And if you want to see an interesting little discussion on why forgiveness is so important, take a look at the video below from the School of Life called How To Forgive

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