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In support of their new album, Sincerely, Future Pollution, Timber Timbre (a band associated with my non-Tarot life) recently released their new video Grifting.

Directed by Elenor Kopka, the animated video features an unusual Tarot session involving cards that come alive, and somewhat disturbing querents and reader.

Take a look …

Opus Arcana

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If you’re interested in Tarot inspired music, you might want to check out Ian Ring’s piano project in the video below, or visit his project page to learn more …

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Some Tarot in Music

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Here’s a sweet music video for the song Taking Chances by Brooklyn musician Sharon Van Etten.

The video was directed by Michael Palmieri and features the fabulous Tarot Marseille. Take a look …

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The Hermit – in music

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Inspired by Tarot’s Hermit card, composer Brandon Scott Rumsey created the beautiful piece Sacred Spaces – 1. The Hermit for alto saxophone and piano.

And click here to listen to Rumsey’s interpretation of the Fool.

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The Tarot Shuffle

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If you’re a music loving Tarot reader you might want to try out this idea by James Truong – an iPod Tarot Deck.

The complete instructions can be found at WikiHow, but the idea is pretty simple if you already know how to create a playlist. And it doesn’t have to be on an iPod – any digital media player will work.

Just sit down with your music library and choose songs that you think best represent the particular cards in the deck and collect them all in a playlist marked ‘Tarot’.

For instance, you might choose something like Bob Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man for the Fool, a classic version of Ave Maria for the High Priestess, or the Stone’s Sympathy for the Devil for, of course, the Devil.

Though those choices are pretty obvious, to find all the cards takes some time. I’d personally start with just the Majors and work from there.

When you get all you cards/songs chosen, then you can finally start to play. All you have to do is ask your question and press ‘shuffle’. The song that first plays (or maybe even the first two or three) is the answer to your query.

I love it. I want to go make one now.

For an example of a baroque and classical Tarot playlist, visit

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Simpol Sings Comme un je de Tarot

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My French isn’t very good, but it was good enough for me to notice this song by Simpol called Comme un jeu de Tarot, which roughly translates into Like a Game of Tarot.

It’s a song about how a man’s life parallels the cards in the Tarot deck, a sentiment I understand well.

Take a listen …

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Julie's Haircut Plays the Tarot

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Here’s a nice quiet way to start off the day … a beautiful rendition of The Tarot from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film Holy Mountain.

This version of the piece is performed by the Italian band Julie’s Haircut and is from their limited edition 10” single Julie’s Haircut play Jodorowsky & Rota.

The original song was written by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Ronald Frangipane and Don Cherry, and can be found on the Holy Mountain Original Soundtrack.

The image is by Jon Carling.

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Eight of Swords – a music video

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8 of Swords from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords is a card of limitations, restrictions, and mental bondage.

The traditional Rider Waite Smith image is of a woman blindfolded and bound, standing among eight swords in a mucky gray landscape.

I’ve often seen the swords surrounding the woman as representative of the 3 of Swords on her right, and the 5 of Swords on her left.

It’s like past sorrows and fears of defeat are holding her back, keeping her from seeing that the ties that bind are loose. She could shake them off with a few good jiggles.

And look how her dress matches the tops of the castle. She belongs up there, not down in the mud.

It’s her own ideas that are holding her back, making her feel like she has nowhere to go. And the wet ground only makes things worse, adding an emotional swampiness to the whole affair.

When this card appears, it often points to an opportunity to break free of limited thinking.

It’s a chance to confront your sadnesses and fears, and stop letting what’s past prevent you from going forward.

The metal band Huntress from LA, just released their new video called 8 of Swords, with lead singer Jill Janus playing the part of the woman bound.

It starts with a spooky Tarot reading and ends with self-illumination. And in true metal fashion, there’s occult imagery throughout.

The music might be a little heavy for some tastes, but the band definitely captures the energy of the card.

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Musical Tarot

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The Tarot inspires a lot of visual art, but it also inspires a lot of music.

Take a listen to these improvised interpretations of the Magician and High Priestess.

They were posted by marisstella100 on his YouTube page, and it looks like he might be working on the entire major arcana.

The Empress and Emperor were up when I last looked. I hope there’ll be more.

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