Get In Charge

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For those of you who are interested in reading Tarot professionally, but don’t know how to really take charge of your own business, I encourage you to try out my friend Theresa Reed’s (aka The Tarot Lady) newest program – Get In Charge.

As Theresa describes it, it’s “the e-course for spiritual business owners & service providers who are sick of over-giving and under-earning.”

Having run her own successful Tarot And Yoga businesses for over twenty years now, Theresa really does know how to be boss of her own empire, and she can teach you how to be boss too.

For more information about the Get In Charge program, visit Theresa’s website at

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Zero To Tarot Business – a free telelseminar with Theresa Reed

July 4th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

If you’re a Tarot reader interested in making the switch from hobbyist to pro, or a professional who’d like some tips on how to make your business even better, check out this teleseminar with Theresa Reed.

Zero To Tarot Business is a 60-minute free and open teleseminar hosted by the Gaian Tarot Circle and led by everyone’s favourite Tarot Lady.

With 20 years of full-time professional Tarot reading under her belt, Theresa has a lot to teach us about how to build a successful metaphysical business.

Expect to hear great advice about everything from booking your first paying client, to how to market and grow a business you already have.

Theresa’s known for being both practical and inspirational. She’ll motivate you to see the big picture, while taking care of all the important little details along the way.

I’m going to be listening. I hope you do too!!

Zero To Tarot Business will start at 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, July 12th.

For call in details and to read more about the event (and a special give-away for one lucky listener), visit Theresa’s website.

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